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I am a girl with many secret desires which I long to share with lonely schedule is all over the place :p so i will do my best to keep you guys posted each week... schedule will be updated on the weekend for the following week... also...check me out on twitter @QandisasKinkHut

come find out ;) Im giving my best in each & every show, but I dont like to be ORDERED. Remember Im a Lady, not a piece of meat & dont be rude. The nicer you`re to me the better will be my performence to please you!

show you all of my kinkiest fantasies! I'm so naughty and love 69ing, anal, missionary and so much more...connect to me to find out for yourself.

A nice HARD COCK! Seeing a guy shoot his HOT LOAD all over me. Being spoilt. Great sense of humour, horny guys. Roleplays. Love my clit getting sucked real good so I can cum and soak your with all my juice... what turns me off:I don't like rude or mean people. be kind and I'll show you just how FUN I can be! :)

What really turns me on is you watching, lusting over me, about to explode in pleasure as I SQUIRT for you over and over again!

I've always wanted to have sex with a girl, to taste her, to rub and squeeze her soft skin and kiss her sweet lips...but I've never had the chance to try anything on a girl I liked. I've always wanted to be overtaken in a public place where people could see but not notice by a HOT/SEXY stranger or someone I was secretly lusting for who was semi close but not in that way because it would be super naughty. it would make me feel so dirty but so good, tasting that forbidden fruit. I am a fun girl even just if you want someone to talk to. Private shows with me are amazing,I love to play with my toys and and adore playing with my tits.I also like to know about you and what you like to do, how your day was and so on. I love to strip as well!! It's soo sexy and makes a girl feel pretty!

I love hands and I have the cutest feet! I love to be told how dirty I am and to be instructed on what to do, my fantasies involve domination as well as romance. And I love gifts and private time where I can be dirty, and play out my fantasies. i also have a sucking fetish and love to put things into my mouth to see how far I can go!!

I would like to be with a girl, Maybe even a threesome, I'd love to eat while being fuked hard @ once!! I need to be spanked and talked to while I get off, And I get off fast and over and over, I love to show my tits and and wish I could get fingered somewhere public maybe even , never had the chance ! I adore older men with some knowledge, and would love to get someone older to teach me some new tricks!! my shows are anything goes.... watever u want however u want.....

spankings, submission, begging, heels, oscasionally anal lol

my fantasies would be anything u want u take... or makin mr begggg for that big in me or holding me down with cuffs or ropes and even a little restrain around my throat,,,, spanking is my favorite,,, great little plump to smack, push, and bounce off you!


The exciting feeling of Your dick betwixt my pussy lips can really turn me on. What else are You waiting for?

Lara Stevens another Anal Scene

Lara Stevens another Anal Scene